10 Stylish Sneakers That Will Completely Up Your Shoe Game

10 Stylish Sneakers That Will Completely Up Your Shoe Game 1

Sneakers have come a long way since your mom winced when you wanted to wear them with a skirt to your sixth grade dance. Nowadays, stylish sneakers are a wardrobe staple in and of themselves. In addition to being comfortable, sneakers add a stylish edge to just about any outfit. So if you’re looking to up your sneaker game or just in the hunt for something new, check out our favorites.

And yes, you can wear them with a skirt. Tell your mom we said so.


The Icon: New Balance 574


So iconic, they have their own website. New Balance’s 574 comes in metallics, prints on the logo “N” and color combos that will have you wanting to buy more than just one.  And since they have kids and guys’ 574’s as well, everyone in the fam can get it on these.  Though if you’re like us you like to be an original, which means not twinning out with anyone. But buyer beware, these shoes come in such cool color combos you’re likely to find friends stealing your look whether you like it or not.

Photo: New Balance



The Crush: Adidas Stan Smith Valentine's Day Collection


Technically, Adidas’ classic white with green tennis shoe is called the Haillet. But when tennis great Stan Smith played in Wimbledon, 1972, the shoe became synonymous with his name. Now, they’re a tennis lover’s staple.  And while the shoes have evolved past the classic white with green into metallics, pastels, patterns and even a Mickey Mouse collab, we’ve completely fallen in love with the Valentine’s Day collection that has a heart at the heel and red print on the shoe.  You’ll love this great twist on a classic shoe.  Pun intended.

Photo: Adidas


The Splurge: Golden Goose Superstar


Made in Italy, Golden Goose’s aren’t just a vibe.  They’re a thing.  The logo star on the side will look just enough like Converse that aficionado’s will think you’re wearing a spin on classic Chuck Taylor’s.  Alas, Golden Goose shoes are a bit of a status symbol in and of themselves.  We love the Superstars and the high style that looks vintage and modern all at once.  But don’t fall in love too quickly, at about $500 a pair GGDB shoes are more of an investment than a splurge.  Naturally, worth it.

Photo: GGDB


The Classic: Converse Chuck Taylor's

Now that you mention it, we’ve got Chuck Taylor’s on the brain.  If there were an international sign for sneaker, it’d be Converse’s Chuck Taylor’s which come in low tops, high tops, slips ons, platforms, you name it. And since Chucks now come in just about any pattern you can imagine, there’s a Chuck Taylor with your name on it.  Basketball shoes have come a long way since the Chuck Taylor wore them in 1921 during his semi-pro days playing basketball,  but Chuck’s have never gone out of style.

Photo: Converse


In N Out

The Fashion Debut: In N Out's Paper Cup Shoes


Inspired by the design on In-N-Out Burger’s paper cups, the burger chain debuted slip ons decorated with the iconic palm trees from those iconic paper cups.  They’ll set you back just under $65, but you’ll have to wait a bit for these fast food inspired shoes.  These beauties sold out just about as fast as Beyonce’s Ivy Park line.  Good news, however, if they don’t have your shoes at least you can grab a burger and fries. Animal style, please.

Photo: In-N-Out



The Update: Puma Cali Glow

The thick sole and the logo wave of Puma’s Cali style is as iconic a shoe as it gets, but the Cali Glow offers an update to the Cali’s look.  Yes it’s still got the stacked heel and logo on the side, but the Glow adds an iridescent panel on the side that makes this shoe look classic and new all at once.  Available in black and white.  We’ll take both.

Photo: Puma


The Renegade: Vans Old Skool Stacked

What was once a shoe reserved for skaters and wanna be’s, Vans have become pretty much as mainstream as it gets. And while the classic Vans slip-on is the line’s signature shoe, we’re big fans of the stacked lace ups in navy.  And since everything about this shoe is exaggerated, not just the heel, you’ll be sure to make a big entrance in these cool shoes.  Rad.

Photo: Vans



The Wild One: Fila Ray Tracer Animal


If you haven’t fully embraced this year’s obsession with animal prints, Fila’s Ray Tracer Animal will help you do just that.  The combo zebra/leopard print shoe covers all your animal print needs, all in one adorable thick-soled shoe.  The red laces tie it all together and the thick sole guarantees comfort when you’re walking back to your car after the game.

Photo: Fila



The Multitasker: Reebok Nano 9


While Reebok made a name for itself in 80’s step aerobics classes with leg-warmer clad ladies finding their inner Jane Fonda, Reebok has managed to stay remarkably hip despite the death of aerobics.  We love the Reebok Nano 9 for the sheer fact that you could actually do something physical in them if you say..wanted to.  No pressure, these little beauties are also the perfect shoe should you care more about looking like you got physical without having to break a sweat.  And since the Nano 9 comes in about 18 different colors, you’ll literally be able to get one in every color.

Photo: Reebok



The Big Entrance: Nike Air Max 270 React ENG


Nothing to see here is not a phrase one will ever use when wearing these attention getters from Nike. The thick sole guarantees comfort.  The eggplant (don’t call it purple) magic flamingo color scheme will guarantee a lot of conversation about what’s on your feet.  Regardless, wearing this bright addition to the Air Max collection will make feel like you’re walking on a piece of art.  Technically, you are.

Photo: Nike

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