9 Hilarious Jumbotron Proposal Fails

Jumbotron proposals

When it comes to staging an elaborate Jumbotron proposal, there is a high potential for something to go wrong. It’s not just that she could say no, which we can all agree would be a total nightmare made worse by thousands of people watching in the stadium or at home. But getting proposed to in a stadium packed with loud fans who are more interested in watching the game than the biggest moment of a couple’s lives and you’ve got a lot of room for failure.

It takes a whole lot of guts to stage a Jumbotron proposal, which in and of itself deserves some sort of acknowledgement. But truth be told, you have to be just a little bit crazy to propose for all the world to see. These guys found out the hard way that a game day proposal isn’t as easy as it looks. There are cheering fans who don’t know he’s gotten down on one knee and can’t get up. There are mascots who want to to steal his thunder, and the camera shot, on the Jumbotron. And, there’s the star athlete whose seeming disapproval of the proposal totally ruins the moment.

Naturally, it’s hilarious to watch. Trust us.

Bears Fans Do Not Let A Jumbotron Proposal Stand In The Way Of The Game

This poor guy planned a big play by with a game day Jumbotron proposal only to have it blocked by a big play. We’re cringing on his behalf.

This Jumbotron Proposal Is A Real Fake

While it looks like this guy is going in for the big ask, he’s got other plans. Needless to say, we’re thinking he was probably single shortly after this prank. Ouch.

This Sharks Fan Photo Bombed The Proposal

We’re guessing the future bride and groom weren’t laughing. We’re not afraid to confess we were.

The Yankees’ Gleyber Torres Appears To Disapprove Of This Proposal

Yankees fans had a field day with this stadium proposal. Gleyber Torres appears to be disapproving, but later confirmed he was shaking his head at something completely different. We believe him.

This Fan Tried To Marry Rafael Nadal

His response is everything. Hard pass, but polite.

Multiple Fans Want To Marry Maria Sharapova

Sorry guys.

Twitter Is The Stadium Proposal Cautionary Tale

It’s great when a stadium’s worth of people documents a proposal on their social media when she says yes. Not so much when she says no.

This Coach Staged An Elaborate Hoax For An Epic Proposal

We’re not sure how we feel about faking a major injury as a mean to propose, but it seems to have been a total score here.

The Downside Of A Game Day Proposal

This stadium proposal played out like a scripted TV drama. Turned it, out was. The details of the staged proposal are here.

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