Let’s Applaud The NHL Coaches Initiative For Trying To Promote More Women

NHL Coaches Initiative

The NHL Coaches Initiative may finally help the NHL to stop looking like a fraternity that got kicked off campus.

What You Need To Know:  The NHLCA (NHL Coaches Association) just launched the NHL Female Coaches Initiative, year-long initiative designed to support female coaches in areas such as skills development, leadership strategies, communication tactics, networking and career advancement opportunities.

  • Scheduled debut is at 2020 NHLCA Global Coaches’ Clinic, held at the NHL Draft on June 25th.
  • The program continues through the 2020-21 season. 
  • Cornerstones of the project include shadowing coaches and an emphasis on growing their own networks of coaches, both male and female. 
  • The inaugural season will host 50 female hockey coaches.

Let’s Sportify It:  While the NHL gets a gold star for the new NHL Coaches Initiative, as a league it barely get a passing grade.  In 2016 Dawn Braid (Arizona Coyotes skating coach) became the first full-time female coach in the NHL, but the NHL has never had a woman in a head coach or managerial role.

And since women were paid less than men at the NHL All-Star Skills Challenge this past season, it’s safe to assume the NHL has a long way to go when it comes to diversifying the coaching and management staff. Needless to say, the NHL Coaches Initiative couldn’t come fast enough.

Applause for a great start!

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