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Best Food Instagram Accounts B/C We’ve All Run Out Of Ideas

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best food instagrams

We get asked all the time, “What are the best food Instagram accounts?” It’s a pretty common question. That’s because whether it’s day 1, 5, or 20 of us all trying to think of what to cook, it’s safe to say we’ve all run out of ideas. And let’s face it, with most of us stuck at home, food is just about the only thing new or exciting in our day. And since most of us have about five things in our go-to recipe rotation, what we’re mostly hungry for are some new food ideas.

Around here we are not afraid to admit we love a good Instagram scroll session. Truth be told, we find it relaxing. So when we got tasked with the assignment of curating our favorite list of food Instagram accounts we love, we actually relished the opportunity.

And if you’re thinking this list is only for pro cooks who could give Martha Stewart a run for her money, think again. We like real recipes that don’t take too much time. We love a beautiful food Instagram account filled with recipes that don’t require trips to random markets to get obscure items. And we love food that tastes really good. Because isn’t that the point, anyway?

Check out our list. And email us if we missed any of your favorites. We want to know.

Best Food Instagram Accounts


The Feed Feed

Best food Instagram

The Feed Feed isn’t just an Instagram source for recipes and dinner ideas. The Feed Feed is a community.  Founded by Julie and Dan Resnick, who after moving out of New York City to a small Long Island coastal town, decided to aggregate and curate the best recipe ideas available.  1.7 million followers later The Feed Feed has meal plans, events and products.   Plan to spend some time deep-diving into this gorgeous food Instagram account.

Image: @thefeedfeed/Instagram


The Delicious

best food instagram

If you’ve noticed your feed is filled with amazing snack board ideas, thank Sarah Gim of The Delicious.  The Instagram offshoot of Gim’s food blog,,  is filled with beautifully created and crafted snack boards that are as creative as they are, yes, delicious.  If a person can be complimented for having impeccable food style, Sarah’s got it.   But don’t blame us if you miss a deadline because you got lost in the visual delight that is her feed.  If it makes you feel any better we did, too.

Image: @TheDelicious/Instagram


Alison Roman

best food instagrammers


When she’s not trolling Chrissy Tiegen online, Roman’s a bi-weekly contributor to the NY Times’ epic food newsletter, NY Times Cooking.  But other than Chrissy-gate what really put Roman on the food map was her Shallot Anchovy Pasta recipe, which has induced many a food-gasm. For us, as well.  The cookbook writer’s Insta feed will make you hungry and make you want to cook.  And even if you don’t like anchovies, you’ll love the Shallot pasta.  We did.

Image: @alisoneroman/Instagram


Amanda Fredrickson

best food instagram accounts


In between pictures of her beautiful offspring, the recipe developer, chef and cookbook author’s Insta feed is filled with the most cozy comfort food ideas including her “throw together” meals, which look a lot better than what we had thrown together.   Fredrickson, who lives in Tennessee with her family, talks about her food fails and foibles that always seem to come out looking just right.

Image: @amandafredrickson/Instagram


Serious Eats

Best Food Instagram

Founded by former NY Times Food contributor Ed Levine, Serious Eats is serious about food.  This should not be taken to mean the Insta and accompanying food blog are filled with stuffy recipes only for the most uptight food snob.  With recipes for Pancake Cereal and delish deviled ages, Levine and Co. are serious about food, but don’t take themselves too seriously.

Image: @seriouseats/Instagram




New York Times Cooking

best food instagram

If food bloggers are freshman then NY Times Cooking is the senior in the school of food feeds.  Hub, community, curator, and creator, NY Times Cooking boasts a Friday newsletter you’ll read with passion and an Insta feed that will have you thinking you can cook just about anything.  That’s because NYTimes Cooking boasts recipes that are actually do-able,  even for those of us who aren’t exactly killing it in the kitchen.

Image: @NYTimesCooking/Instagram


Cherry Bombe

best dinner recipes


Cherry Bombe’s Insta feed, which is part of its magazine/podcast/radio/website network, is literally the bomb when it comes to a gorgeous visual food dream come true. Cherry Bombe, which connects women and food,  showcases and curates recipes and ideas while also creating some of their own.

Image: @cherrybombe/Instagram



America's Test Kitchen

best recipes 2020


What started as a real Boston test kitchen is now a mini media empire.  With TV shows, a website, magazines, cook books and an online cooking school,  America’s Test Kitchen’s Instagram feed is a great place to start for recipe ideas and some seriously doable how-to guides that’ll have you cooking up a storm.

Image: @testkitchen/Instagram


Food 52

quick dinner recipes

James Beard winner Food 52 is a community for chefs around the world to submit recipe ideas and for normal cooks to find them.  Food 52’s Insta has over 2 million hungry people following along. And with recipes for everything from fried cheese balls (hello!) to soy sauce eggs (you won’t want to share) there’s something on Food 52 for just about anyone.

Image: @food52/Instagram



best food instagram

  The corresponding Insta feed to Bon Appetit Mag's food site, Healthyish had us with its name alone.  Let's face it we all want to eat healthy, but we want delicious food as well.  The two don't normally go hand in hand, but here they do.  And while a bacon and egg breakfast sandwich filled with garlicky rings of onion isn't the lightest way to start one's day, that's the "ish" in Healthyish, which is exactly how food should be. Image: @healthy_ish/Instagram

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