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Our Summer Fun Giveaway Is Live: Enter To Win!

Now that summer is officially underway, we want to make sure your summer is one to remember so we’ve partnered with five brands to create one epic giveaway. With health and beauty prizes worth over $900, not to mention a Visa gift card from yours truly, this giveaway could be

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Drew Brees apologizes

Drew Brees Apologizes, But Will Michael Thomas Forgive?

On Wednesday New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees , in an interview with Yahoo Finance, made a comment that many felt undermined protests of the murder of George Floyd that have waged on since his death. Teammates like Michael Thomas, as well as pro athletes from other leagues like LeBron

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social media posts about racism

8 Pro Athlete’s Raw Social Media Posts About Racism

As peaceful protests continue over the death of George Floyd, social media has begin to fill with athletes’ social media posts about racism. For pro athletes, Mr. Floyd’s death is deeply personal. Not only did Colin Kaepernick lose his career as an N.F.L. quarterback over protests he organized to try

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star athletes marching in george floyd protests

6 Star Athletes Marching In George Floyd Protests

This week, as enraged citizens took to the streets, we also saw many star athletes marching in George Floyd protests. While some chose to remain anonymous, marching quietly alongside other citizens protesting racial inequality, others served as vocal leaders working toward change. The most prominent athlete-activist has been Mr. Floyd’s

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Sports stars reactions to the death of George Floyd

Sports Stars Reactions To The Death Of George Floyd

This week, the world watched for sports stars reactions to the death of George Floyd. Like all of us, they watched in horror as a Minneapolis police officer placed his knee to the neck of George Floyd, an African American man who had been handcuffed and pinned to the ground.

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Celebrity Zoom

Are Celebrity Zooms The New VIP Lounge?

While many of us are suffering from a syndrome known as Zoom atrophy, celebrity Zooms are proving chatting online with your favorite celebrities and pro athletes is the ultimate private club. That’s because Zoom’ing with the likes of Todd Gurley or Ben Simmons on real estate mogul David Adelman’s private

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Tony Hawk

Shaun White, Tony Hawk & Chad Ochocinco Pay It Forward

Thank you Tony Hawk, Shaun White and Chad Ochocinco! The world needs some good news right now and these guys showed that random acts of kindness are just what we need. Here’s the scoop. Let’s start with Tony. When Mikal, a FedEx driver in Swanee, Georgia was delivering packages on

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