Chic Cruelty Free Fashion: Jen Utley’s Favorite Things

Jen Utley Instagram

She’s the wife of six time MLB All-Star Chase Utley, but Jen Utley is also a dedicated animal rights activist with a passion for cruelty free fashion. A former Hollywood stylist, Jen wanted to get back in the game by starting a business that was both authentic to her love of fashion and her decades long devotion to animal rights. She relied on the support of a few trusted friends to come up with the idea for, a hub for style mavens that boasts 100% cruelty free products.

When I spoke to Jen, we spoke about life after Chase’s retirement, how Jen came up with the idea for Vetted and why this was the perfect time for Jen to go from sports wife, to the boss of her own team.

Jen has impeccable style and is unwavering in her support of animal rights and her desire to promote cruelty free fashion and products. She said,

“I wanted this to be a high fashion competitive blog for stylish people giving them another option.  I am saying ‘Shop at my site, btw, p.s. nothing you’re buying here has affected an animal.’ Anything you’re buying from my site is cruelty and animal free.”

I love ShopVetted and can’t get enough of the Jen Utley Instagram that has us scrolling for days. But truth be told I love that Vetted is so stylish, you’ll be so glad you found it whether you knew the clothes were cruelty free or not.

So apologies because whatever you planned to do may get derailed by Jen curating her favorite things, in her own words. It’s swoon-worthy. Trust me. Dive in.


Chase Utley retired

Workout: H.I.I.T./The Mirror

Chase gave me “The Mirror” for Christmas this year and it has become the most amazing gift, especially now when we can’t go out.

I have been working with a nutritionist because I felt like I was stuck in the same weight. I workout every day and I workout hard. Like anyone I had a few pounds and he said ‘You’re under eating so much that your body won’t let go of any calories. That’s why you’re stuck.’

I don’t eat meat or dairy. I don’t cook. I was a grazer. I would mindlessly grab things and have a smoothie. Now I’m getting better.  I’m creating better habits.



Jen Utley business

Leggings: Beyond Yoga High-Waisted Leggings

I love Beyond Yoga high-waisted leggings, but I also like to see what everyone has. I like to check out all the offerings.



Jen Utley's Instagram

Workout Wear: Stella McCartney for Adidas

I like to wear a little bit of each brand, but I love Stella McCartney for Adidas. I love what she creates.

Photo: Adidas


Cruelty Free Makeup

Skin Care: Environ

I use Environ from South Africa. It’s 100% cruelty free and all based in aging and sun damage. I do this whole process morning and evening. I also do microdermabrasions. I can’t stand it, but I make myself do it.

Photo: @shopvetted/Instagram


Sneaker: Adidas Boost

I used to be a Nike girl, which is funny because Chase is sponsored by Adidas, but I love the Adidas Boost. They are all technofibre. I love it.

Photo: Adidas


Cruelty Free Clothing

Denim: Citizens Of Humanity Premium Denim

I love Citizens Of Humanity Premium denim line because it was a vintage wash to it. My only criticism is they use a little patch of leather, which is pointless. But other than that, I love their cut.



Vegan Athleisure

Athleisure: Electric and Rose

I have to say, the first few days of being confined to my house watching the beautiful, rainy weather that LA rarely experiences outside my window, didn’t feel so terrible. Staying in sweats all day was a welcomed and rare occurrence.⁣

Cut to today. We are on day, (I actually have no idea), and my sweats game has rapidly changed from cozy to crazy.

Photo: @shopvetted/Instagram


Vegan purse

Handbag: Rivers Eight

Rivers Eight, the LA based exotic handbag and accessories brand created by Amanda Schoun, is the answer for anyone with a craving for luxury pieces. With a wide range of colors, “skins”, and styles, it is almost impossible to not buy something.

Photo: @shopvetted/Instagram


Cruelty free sleepwear

Sleepwear: Ettitude

Ettitude makes beautiful sleepwear and bed linens that mimic silk perfectly, but are 100% cruelty free. Added bonus- they are also sustainable. (made entirely from organic bamboo- the most resource efficient plant in the world)⁣⁣
I will be getting a pair of these pjs and I think you should too.

Photo: @shopvetted/Instagram


Vegan footwear

Footwear: AERA New York

Luxury footwear has proven to be a difficult department when the prerequisite is a leather-free material. Thankfully, now is the time to make some space in your closet because @aeranewyork is filling the shoe void in a variety of styles, colors and heel heights.⁣

AERA’s founder and director, Tina Bhojwani, has seen the impact of fashion on people and the planet and recognizes the need for change, not only as a business imperative, but more importantly a deeply human one. She built AERA as a platform to address these environmental and social challenges, with the hope of making its practices the new normal in fashion. With AERA, she aspires to show consumers that style, design, and quality can be analogous with sustainability.⁣

Photo: @shopvetted/Instagram

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