Jamal Crawford Is Not Dead He’s Just Trending On Twitter

Jamal Crawford

Former Clippers guard Jamal Crawford is trending on Twitter.  We’ll admit when we first saw Crawford’s name popping up over and over again in our feed, we internally panicked. We prayed for the best, fearing the worst.  That’s because when an athlete’s name takes over Twitter, and they haven’t just played in a game, it’s usually bad news.

Jamal Crawford, who turned 40 this year and is currently un-signed, has been an NBA staple for the past 18 seasons.  He is the ultimate sixth man, having won the NBA’s Sixth Man Award, three different times. And just as recently as last season, he became the oldest player to score 50 points in a game.   Crawford’s played on 8 teams, starting with the Bulls, and is still hoping to stay in the game. Plus, he’s an overall good guy supporting the local Seattle community where he grew up.

So why did his name just take over Twitter?  Turns out, he’s very much alive, and his fans needed to address ESPN’s serious case of Jamal Crawford disrespect.  Here’s what went down.

ESPN, in effort to create content conversation, asked this very simple question:

Fans weren’t happy Crawford, whose known for his expert ball handling skills, was left off the list.

There are always people that just can’t stand how much fan love Steph Curry always gets.

The Crawford support kept growing.

We think Steph deserves all the love he gets, but we did have a deep appreciation for the Kerry Washington freeze frame.

So if you’re wondering if Jamal Crawford should have been included in ESPN’s list, here’s an example of how he handles the ball:

It’s safe to assume the ultimate Sixth Man should be the fourth on ESPN’s list.

For his part, Crawford had this to stay about his current trending status:

The good news is that Jamal Crawford is very much alive and well. And maybe all the Twitter love will help get one of our favorite players signed this year. And even better news, we weren’t the only ones relieved to see why Crawford was trending this time.

We’re so happy that’s been cleared up.

Photo: @JCrossover/Twitter

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