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The Most Comfortable Spring Workout Gear You’ll Wear Anytime

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The Most Comfortable Spring Workout Gear You'll Wear Anytime 1

Don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone that during all your Zoom calls, you’re wearing the most comfortable spring workout gear you’ve got. It may have been a bit since you’ve been to the gym or that weekend sweaty yoga class you used to wait for all week, but workout gear has become your new uniform. Us, too. That’s because, hopefully temporarily, our homes have become our school, office and our gym.

For some of us that means every day is a PJ’s all day day. And for a lot of us, leggings and a T-shirt are as close to dressed up as we’re going to get. Even when you’re not working out at home, it’s easy to find yourself spending the day in workout gear.

If you’ve spent the day in what you thought was comfortable workout gear only to find your leggings made you feel like a stuffed sausage and your jog bra made you short of breath, you know that not all workout gear is created equal. And it’s definitely not all comfortable.

So even if it’s a beat before we get back to the gym or yoga, there’s never been a better time to invest in the most comfortable spring workout gear. Thankfully, we’ve taken the liberty of finding it for you. It’s just how we roll.


Outdoor Voices 7/8 Spring Leggings

Best Spring Workout Wear 2020

These mid-weight leggings from Outdoor Voices fit like a glove without making you feel like you’ve been shoved into one.  The spring colors will brighten your day and the waistband pocket will hold your key should you step outside and take that jog you’ve been promising yourself for weeks.



Alo High-Waisted Mesmerize Capri

Best Spring Workout Clothes

With five colors to choose from this high-waisted staple from Alo has stylish cutouts that help your legs breathe after a sweat sesh or a day spent meandering around the house in leggings.



Gymshark's Zip-Up Sports Bra

Best Jog Bras 2020

With medium support Gymshark’s Zip-Up Sports Bra has just enough to support to keep your girls in place.  And the front zipper eliminates the inevitable “how the heck do I get out of this sweaty jog bra without breaking a shoulder?” convo we all have every time we workout.  It comes in four colors.  We have them all.



Adidas by Stella McCartney M20 Shorts

Best Spring Workout Wear

These ultra light weight shorts from Stella McCartney are water-resistant. The loose, breezy style keeps the air flowing whether you’re going for a jog or just hanging at home.



Glow 7/8 Length Legging

most comfortable spring workout gear

These lightweight compression leggings from Glow have sleek mesh panels that help you breathe.  The four-inch waistband keeps everything tucked in without feeling sucked in. They’re perfect for yoga, running, or that Peleton that sometimes gets used an ad-hoc closet.



Athleta Printed Racer Run Short

Best Spring Workout Gear

The semi-loose fit on Athleta’s Racer Run Short means you can run, walk or sit still in the comfort you deserve.  The camo adds a bit of style. The mid rise waist holds you in.  That’s a total win in our book.



Alo High Waist Airlift Legging

Best Spring Leggings

Alo’s Airlift Leggings boast a second skin feeling, which is probably why you’ll want to buy more than one.  And you can.  There’s over a dozen colors to choose from and no one will know, or care, if you wear these to work from home and skip yoga all together.



Nike Impact Strappy Printed Jog Bra

Best Spring Workout Wear

Nike’s Impact Stappy Jog Bra boasts a super chic Japanese print, but it also boasts support.  Thank you, Nike. The fabric is breathable and the criss-cross straps in the back guarantee you won’t have that shoulder dig so many other jog bras are known for.



Carbon 38 Abstract Marble Full Length Legging

Most comfortable spring workout gear

Whether you’re going out or staying in, why not pop on these sleek leggings with an attention-getting marble pattern?  The compression fabric gives you just enough support and the pattern will get you just enough attention.



Ultacor Cherry Blossom Sparrow Top And Leggings

Most comfortable spring workout gear

To be honest, we had an incredibly hard time choosing our favorite Ultacor peices.  Truth be told, the whole line is as stylish as it is comfortable.  We loved the Cherry Blossom pattern. Oh, and it's sweat wicking.  Swamp butt, be gone! Image:

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