Sofa Arm Tray Tables Are The Super Bowl Party MVP

Sofa Arm Tray Table

One of the most anticipated matchups in N.F.L. history, Super Bowl LVII is almost here. Whether you’re a Philadelphia Eagles fan, a Kansas City Chiefs devotee or just a die hard Super Bowl party enthusiast, it’s time to start planning your Super Bowl party. Even if yours is a party of one, what you eat during the game can sometimes feel just about as important as who wins and who loses. How you eat it can be even more of a game changer.

There’s no bigger big game-buzzkill than a lost remote or a spilled bag of chips. Getting in the party game has never been easier thanks to sofa arm tray tables, the easy-to-use and totally affordable T.V. room accessory. They slip, clip or snap over the arm of your sofa or couch and keep your snack setup mess-free and organized.

Super Bowl LVII will make history as the first time two siblings will face one another when the Eagles center Jason Kelce faces little brother Travis Kelce, the Kansas City Chiefs’ star tight end. The Philadelphia Eagles’ Autumn Lockwood also makes history this year as the first Black female to coach a Super Bowl. And ticket sales have reached an all-time high as Super Bowl LVII tickets are being resold for a staggering $6,000 to $27,500.

Thanks to our new favorite accessory, the sofa arm snack tray, you’ll actually get to watch all that history being made instead of running back and forth to make sure everybody else is fed.

They may even help you with that lost remote. Everybody wins, even if their team doesn’t.

Our Favorite Sofa Arm Tray Tables


Soft Arm Snack Tray

Arm Tray Table With EVA Base

Avoid endless runs to the kitchen at the moment Super Bowl LVii gets good with this sofa arm tray.  It’s easy to clean and the weighted sides keep your snacks and beverage in place.  Available on Amazon. Click here to get yours.


Soft Snack Table

Soft Tray Table With Cellphone Holder

Up your snack game by adding a cellphone and gadget organizer to your tray table so you can lounge with ease and keep your eye on the game (and your snack). Available on Amazon. Click here to get yours.


Best Tray Tables

Offi Overlap Tray

Snacking has never been so stylish thanks to Offi’s Overlap Tray.  This beaut comes in three colors and slips over the arm of a couch or can be used as a standalone for snacks, laptops, cellphones and your beverage of choice. Available on 2Modern. Click here to get yours.


Best TV trays

Arm Rest Table Holder For Sofa

Nothing ruins a good Super Bowl party like not being able to find the remote.  Meistar’s snack and stuff caddy is here to help. Available on Amazon. Click here to get yours.


Best TV Tray Tables

Clip On Armrest Table

Turn the armrest of your favorite chair or couch into a convenient tabletop.  This round tray table is the perfect place to stow your remote, some snacks and even your list of favorite commercials for Super Bowl LVii.  Available on Overstock. Click here to get yours.

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