The Viral Bandolier Heart Pouch Is Back In Stock

The Bandolier heart pouch is the ultimate stadium approved bag.

bandolier heart pouch

If you’ve noticed the words “stylish” or “cute” are rarely used to describe a clear bag or a stadium approved bag, Bandolier is here to help. The original cross body phone case, Bandolier has become synonymous with elevated style and chic accessories. Celebs like Taylor Swift and Oprah Winfrey are fans of the accessory brand. And sports fans have come to rely on the Los Angeles-based brand for stadium approved bags that replace the dreaded clear bag.

We’ve been longtime fans of Bandolier’s Donna Cross Body Phone Case with credit card and identification holder on the back. Though there are endless crossbody bags to choose from on the site, Donna was always a favorite.

That is, until we met Willa.

Bandolier’s Willa Heart Pouch Is Back In Stock

Bandolier’s most requested restock, Willa is an elegant modern leather cross body phone case with heart shaped pouch attached. The adorable pouch is just the right size to store keys, cash, credit cards and a lipstick. Willa currently comes in three amazing colors: silver, red and black. Best part, Willa is stadium guideline approved.

Willa is that rare cross body bag that can take you from day to night, street to stadium. Take her to the gym to keep your tunes close without having a bulky phone in your pocket or hand. Or, take her to a game or concert and keep your hands free for cheering. Willa will also guarantee you won’t lose your phone, keys or credit cards since they’ll be right by your side the entire game.

Willa’s flying off the (virtual) shelves! Now all you have to do is choose your color.

Click here: Bandolier Willa Heart Shape Cross Body Bag And Pouch

Bandolier Launches Bag Line

While we’re talking bags, Bandolier just launched bags, fanny packs and backpacks. Here are our favorites.


Best tote bags 2023

Carryall Tote Bag

The ultimate carryall, Bandolier’s tote can hold a 15″ laptop. The top snap enclosure keeps things organized and safe.  The protective interior sunglass pocket is a clever way to keep your sunnies from cracking. Click here to get yours.


Best Crossbody Bag 2023

Pebbled Leather Cross Body Bag

Chic, elegant, simple.  This cross body bag is made from sophisticated pebbled leather and comes in two colors, griege and black.  We’ll take both.  You? Click here to get yours.


Best Clear Bag 2023

Drawstring Backpack

The backpack is made from elegant pebble leather and features and adjustable closure that cinches for easy access. It’s a timeless silhouette big enough to hold a 13″ laptop.  Two colors available: black and griege. Click here to get yours.


Stadium Approved Bag

Wristlet Clutch

This elevated zippered pouch is perfect for taking your daily essentials (cords, chargers and makeup) on the go.  Or, ditch the power cords and take this sleek wristlet for a spin this evening.  Check out the black for night and the griege for daytime.  Or, mix it up. You choose. Click here to get yours.


Bandolier Heart Pouch

Heart Shape Pouch

The perfect gift (for yourself or a friend) a stand-alone heart pouch can brighten up any phone case, bag or backpack.  Add some charm to your work tote or give as a gift to a sister or friend.  Available in red, black and griege. Click here to get yours.

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