These Must-Have Alo Yoga Leggings Are Back In Stock!

Alo Yoga Flutter Leggings

Alo Yoga Flutter leggings are back in stock! That’s a good thing for Alo Yoga diehards who have been waiting on bated breath for the sells-out-everytime-legging to return to the shelves. There’s a reason Alo can’t keep the Flutter leggings in stock. They’re as perfect for a sweaty yoga session as they are for a Sunday spent doing nothing all, making Alo Yoga Flutter leggings our go-to legging for Fall 2021.

But Alo Yoga’s leggings aren’t the only fall fashion beckoning us to give our workout wear a bit of a refresh. Lululemon is serving some serious summer-to-fall style with everything from classic T-shirts, to cozy lightweight hoodies, to its quilted travel tote that will get you through a long weekend of pre-workday workout. Then there’s Nike’s latest Air Max and Aersoles’ adorable fall sandals. And just like that, we’re not so sorry to say goodbye to summer.

Refreshing your athleisure has never been more fun this fall.


Alo Yoga Flutter Legging


They’re back!  Alo Yoga’s Airbrush High-Waist Leggings are Fall 2021’s go-to legging for yoga, a walk in the park, or anything in between.  And for those who think athleisure should be worn anywhere but the gym, these leggings go anywhere and with anything.  These sell out fast.  Get ’em while they’re in stock!  Get it.


Lululemon Embrace Travel Bag


Lulu’s spacious travel tote has a padded harness for comfort and just enough space to keep you organized through your day.  And the interior zipper-pocket is the perfect place to store your post-gym leggings and tee while you hit the ground running.  Get it. 


Aeresoles Leggenda


Before the temperatures dip down, we’re savoring all the fabulous sandals this season has to offer.  Aersoles has helped us finally find the perfect pre and post-yoga shoe.  Get it. 


Nike Air Max 2090


In our never-ending love affair with sneakers, Nike’s Air Max never disappoints.  We love the transparent mesh on the upper blends and the cool colorway that has our feet dying to go for a run. Get it. 


Lululemon Sbuba Fleece


Breathable, warm, and cozy, Lulu’s signature hoodie will keep you comfortable on summer’s last evenings spent at the beach and well into fall’s cooler days.  Get it.





This practical, basic tee is so soft you’ll find yourself wanting one in every color for yoga, workouts, or lazy Sundays spent doing nothing at all.  The good news is Lulu makes the Cates tee in so many colors you’ll find the perfect one, two, or three for you. Get it.

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