Tom Brady Posts Cryptic Message & Everyone’s Talking About That Instead Of The Super Bowl

Tom Brady has managed to dominate the Super Bowl and he’s not even playing.  Coming off the first season he didn’t take the Patriots past the Wild Card Round of the playoffs since 2002, and at the end of his current contract, the 42-year-old QB’s will he/won’t he retirement status has been the talk of the NFL.  Though he’s been tight lipped about whether or not he’ll renew his contract with the Patriots, play for another (wait, what?) team, or just permanently slip away to Costa Rica with Gisele and the kids, Patriots owner Robert Kraft has publicly stated he’s committed to keeping Tom in New England.  But just yesterday, Brady posted a cryptic post causing fans to go full C.S.I. to figure out what exactly it means. 

Taking a cue from Beyonce, the queen of coy social media, Brady has managed to (obviously intentionally) steal the Super Bowl’s thunder by posting a picture of himself seemingly walking out of an undetermined football stadium, dressed in street clothes. It’s as if he watched the one or two episodes of Ryan Seacrest’s short lived talk show which ended with the host saying, “Seacrest, out.”  So is the message intended to let fans know that Brady is out? 

Everyone from media experts to guys living in their mother’s basement have chimed in with insider information, which was probably Brady’s intention posting just days before the Super Bowl.

ESPN NFL Insider Adam Shefter wrote,

NBC Boston’s Raul Martinez tweet’d, “Tom Brady posted on social media! It’s silver and black so it must mean he’s going to the #Raiders. ” Hmm, Raiders QB Derek Carr is probably calling his agent right now.

SI’s Dan Gartland reports that at least 11 teams have reached out to Brady’s team expressing interest in Brady joining their team. Gartland also thinks that Brady’s just using social media to his advantage and the moody post was a set up for a Super Bowl ad to follow. Here at Team Sportify It, we were sort of hoping Brady’s next post was going to be himself in front of an orange wardrobe locker with him modeling some of Beyonce’s Ivy Park collection. Sadly, no.

For now, fans will have to sit tight and wait for whatever Brady’s got planned. But since he did say last month that he feels like he’s got more work to do and in light of Patriots owner Robert Kraft stating his intention is to keep Tom in a Patriots uniform, don’t expect to hear Gisele and the the kids are packing up just yet. That won’t keep Patriots fans, however, from having major fan anxiety. The last time fans were this shook was when Peyton Manning left the Colts and went to play for the Broncos, which was the equivalent of Bono leaving U2 to join Coldplay. Sure, it’s possible. It’s just not what you’d expect. Stay tuned.

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