Shaun White, Tony Hawk & Chad Ochocinco Pay It Forward

Tony Hawk

Thank you Tony Hawk, Shaun White and Chad Ochocinco! The world needs some good news right now and these guys showed that random acts of kindness are just what we need. Here’s the scoop.

Let’s start with Tony. When Mikal, a FedEx driver in Swanee, Georgia was delivering packages on his route a little boy named Cooper came running after his truck. Mikal stopped and Cooper handed him a skateboard and asked if Mikal could please send the board to pro-skateboarder Tony Hawk.

Mikal took the board, but had no connection to Hawk. Naturally, he figured out how to keep his promise to Cooper. FedEx really can accomplish anything.

Then, three-time Olympic gold medalist Shaun White made his neighbor’s day by stopping to skateboard with them. His neighbors are toddlers, by the way, but can hold their own on a ramp.

And last, former Bengals star Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson knows that a lot of people are facing some seriously hard times right now. He had a tip for a Florida restaurant that just re-opened.

Here are their stories.

This FedEx Guy Had A Mission To Get To Tony Hawk

Mikal, a FedEx driver in Georgia, was charged with a mission from a boy named Cooper who lives on his route. Cooper wanted to gift his skateboard to pro-skateboarder and overall nice guy, Tony Hawk. Mikal had never met Hawk, nor did he know how to reach him, but he wanted to make Cooper happy so he took the board.

On a lark, Mikal posted this video to Tik Tok. You never know who’s watching, right?

In an amazing twist of fate, Tony Hawk did see Mikal’s video. And he posted this video in reponse.

Now Cooper’s getting Tony’s own skateboard. Signed, naturally. Is there anything FedEx can’t do? We don’t think so.

Hey Shaun White, Check Out Our Ramp!

Three-time Olympic gold medalist Shaun White was taking a drive in the neighborhood when he saw a little girl holding up a sign asking Shaun to stop and skate. The little girl and her neighbors had built their own ramp and wanted Shaun to check it out.

Shaun couldn’t resist. Honestly, look at the adorable kids. Who could?

Former Bengals Star Chad Ochocinco Leaves A Big Tip

Former Bengals receiver Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson knows that a small act of kindness can help. So he’s been supporting restaurant workers by generously giving a little extra in the means of a tip.

So when he went to a Florida restaurant that had just re-opened, he wanted to show his support.

While a one thousand dollar tip won’t set Johnson too far back, it was probably incredibly helpful to a struggling restaurant just getting back to business.

Truth be told, these athletes are a great reminder that we can all help in little or big ways. Help and hope are just what the world needs now.

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