The 10 Most Stylish Belt Bags of 2021

Most Stylish Belt Bags

Fanny pack, belt bag, sling. Call them what you like, but this season’s most stylish belt bags are this spring’s fashion statement. And we’re not talking about mom and dad’s overstuffed fanny pack embarrassing us throughout our childhoods. Today’s fanny pack has come a long way. Fanny packs are now commonly referred to as belt bags and are stylish, comfortable, practical, and completely cool.

We love that brands like Clare V, Golden Goose, and Lululemon have all gotten into the belt bag game, creating sporty, chic takes on the fanny pack. They can be worn around the waist or slung over one shoulder if a purse around your waist just isn’t your thing. And most importantly, belt bags keep your hands free and your style on point.

Still thinking a fanny pack is for mom and dad? Think again. These ten stylish fanny packs will have you going all-in all season. Maybe mom and dad weren’t so uncool after all.

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Most Stylish Belt Bags


Golden Goose is famous for its chic, expensive, sneakers that are made for doing just about anything, but exercise.  Their Star Belt bag is more practical, but equally as stylish.  It’s a splurge, but one well worth it.  Get it. 



Marine Layer’s fanny pack in Oh Hey print comes in navy or white and comes with two straps, one solid, one rainbow.  We like the fun messages and it’s big enough to hold a phone, wallet, and another thing or two. Get it.


Stylish fanny pack


Clare V is known for her stylish, but not too expensive handbags that are a staple in most wardrobes.  Her fanny pack has the signature classic style in a myriad of patterns and colors that can suit anyone’s taste.  Get it.


Cool Belt Bags


Zara’s fabric belt bag boasts a zip enclosure and adjustable strap.  We love the camo print, but there’s plenty of other patterns and colors to choose from if blending in is not your thing.  Get it.


Best fanny packs


Lulu Lemon’s Everywhere Belt Bag will keep you on the go.  With exterior and interior pockets, and enough room for all your basic essentials, you’ll really be able to do everything with LuLu’s Everywhere bag.  And with 8 patterns/colors to choose from, you’ll be able to find one that perfectly suits you.  Get it.


Cool Fanny Packs


Calpak’s Luca Belt Bag is made from scratch resistant material that’s also lightweight.  The hidden exterior pocket combined with the interior compartments are a bonus here and making staying organized on the go easy as can be.   Get it.


Stylish Fanny Packs


Stylish fanny packs have an of-the-moment style when worn slung over one shoulder.  Free People’s Hudson Sling shoulders the load so you keep moving hands free. Get it.


Stylish Belt Bag


Coach’s Signature Belt Bag isn’t just an upgraded fanny pack, it’s a full on statement piece. Wear it around your waist or over your shoulder.  You choose.  Get it.


Most Stylish belt bags


Grab your keys and phone and a bit of whimsy when you’re out and about this spring with Hotel Magique’s cheery printed bag with removable starp.  Get it.



Handcrafted and made in small batches, Loeffler’s Randall belt bag is like the fine wine of bags.  The flower print is timeless making this on-trend piece one to last for years to come. Get it.

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