The Jog Bra Personality Test: What Kind Of Jog Bra Are You?

comfortable jog bra

The first jog bra was invented in 1977 by a female runner, Lisa Lindahl, who was looking to create a supportive sports bra. Landahl recruited the help of a designer friend when Landahl’s husband walked by with jock straps splashed across his shoulders while joking, “Here’s your jockbra, ladies!” He may have been kidding, but history was made and so was the first lady’s jog bra. It may not have been a comfortable sports bra, but it was a start.

Now, there are as many varieties of sports bras as there are people. In fact, we think you can tell a lot about a gal by what kind of sports bra she wears. You may even be able to tell everything you need to know by what a gal wears to the gym to keep her girls in place.

So, what kind of jog bra are you?


jog bra


You play by your own rules and constantly try to push the envelope on life.  You’re not a schedule kind of gal. And while you can attempt to blend in to an office environment, you’re more a freelance/make your own way kind of person.  You’re not a planner, but you always get things done even if everyone around you gets grey hair in the process.  And while you don’t need a lot of support, you’ve got a tight knit squad who stands the test of time.  Fitness is totally a priority, but you’d prefer to try a cool new fitness trend than spend endless hours in an air-conditioned gym with no fresh air insight.

The Cheetah Reversible Bra by Spiritual Gangster is right up your alley.




comfortable jog bra

ON TREND aka WWGD (What Would Gwyneth Do?)

You’re not afraid to admit that you never met a trend you didn’t like.  When everyone was eating quinoa, you ate quinoa.  When essential oils were happening,  you went all in.  When everyone was drinking yerba mate, then matcha, then pressed juice, and now boxed water, you’re right there.  So it makes perfect sense that when it comes to your workout wear you don’t just follow the trend, you follow the trend setters.  And that can only mean one person, Gwyneth.  You read a Goop round-up like it’s the bible. You even taken notes.  And when GP says to jump, you buy.  So while you’re streaming your Tracy Anderson workout and aspire to achieve GP’s toned abs, you always wear whatever she wears even the jog bra she wears to keep her girls in place.

The GP Label Cutout Midi Bra  is the trendy sports bra you need.


best sports bras 2020


To you a workout is a means to an end and so is your workout wear.  It’s not that you don’t care about what you do or what you wear, it’s just that you’ve got better things to do than think about either.  You’re a uniform kind of gal, whether it be at work, at home, or at the gym.  Speaking of the gym, you like to spin, hit the Precor, or run on the treadmill, as long as you don’t have to think for yourself.  You do enough of that in your life and you don’t need to go to the gym and have to think there, too.  Your jog bra reflects that.  That’s why you still wear Lulu. You order a bunch at a time until the shape starts making you look saggy at which time you go back on the site and order a few more.  Anything to avoid wasting time that could be better spent.

Lululemon’s Enlite Bra Weave is perfect for you. In fact you’ll take one in every color, naturally.


Best Sports Bras 2020


It’s not that you don’t have the time or that you look down on others who spend time ruminating over things such as athleisure and fashion, it’s just that you really don’t care.  You are, in all things you do, the queen of low maintenance.  You’ve got a gym membership to a non-trendy gym and you’re just as happy to take a walk around the neighborhood or take a breezy hike with a pal.  You’re not a terribly needy gal and your friends marvel at how little you need.  So when it comes to a sports bra, what you care about is that it’s a comfortable jog bra.  That’s why you go on Amazon and order to your low-maintenance heart’s content. You order a bunch, keep what you like and send back the rest.  Easy, just like you.

You’ll love the Jockey Women’s Studio Racerback Sports Bra on Amazon.



Being an A-type personality is not enough for you, you’re aiming for an A+ in life. Anything less is failing in your mind.  You’re a rockstar at work, your social calendar is booked months in advance, you never forget a friend’s birthday and forgetting to send a thank you note is out of the question.  You take your workouts as seriously as you do your life.  You breezed through a marathon like it was a walk in the park and a two-hour yoga sesh feels like a warm-up to you.  You don’t mind doing a double and even get asked if you’d consider teaching after you finish.  You need a hard core sports bra to match your hard care effort.

You’ll be all in on the Nike Fe/NOM FlyKnit Sports Bra.


Stylish Jog Bra


You’d wear heels in the city, a skirt to a football game and get your hair done on a windy day because fashion is everything to you.  You know what to wear and when to wear it. And you’ve got the perfect outfit for any and all occasions.  Your friends raid your closet like it’s a sample sale and you’re happy to share because you see the world through fashion-colored lenses.  Anything you do provides an opportunity to wear a killer outfit, even working out.  You can curate an athleisure outfit like Soul Cycle is a red carpet event.  That’s why you’re a Carbon 38 kind of gal because even exercise provides an opportunity to be fashionable.

You’ll love the Crocodile Criss Cross Bra From Carbon 38.



Fashionable Jog Bra


It’s not that you hate working out. Okay, you hate working out.  You can be coerced into the occasional yoga class, but only with the promise of brunch afterward.  Every year, you resolve this is the year you’ll start running or going to boot camp. But truth be told, you know you probably never will. That’s because you have no desire to sweat, be around sweaty people or get your heart rate above resting.  But that doesn’t mean you don’t like the clothes, which you do.  So you wear leggings and stylish jog bras like a runway model.  And if someone happens to mistake you for someone who works out, you’d never correct them.  So when it comes to jog bras, you don’t need anything more than something that looks like it’s fit for the princess that you are.

You’ll enjoy going to coffee in the Twist Top from Beach Riot.



Everything about you is big from your personality to your, well, um, to your assets.  And the truth is, you wouldn’t have it any other way.  You look at skinny bishes like they’re missing out on life.  That’s because they are.  Everyone notices you when you enter a room and they’re sad when you leave.  You’ve got a big heart, you’re a great friend and you live life to the fullest.  You can crush a leader board in spin class or get those splat points like an Olympian.  You’re just not trying to win at skinny. You’d rather eat the carbs, have that glass of wine, and stay for one more dance.

The Catalyst Sports Bra from Knix has just the support you need.


Supportive Jog Bra


Friends have a hard time believing you are the age you are, but that’s because you give aging gracefully a good name.  Age, for you, is an accomplishment rather that something you’re ashamed of.  You’re proud of who you are and what you’ve accomplished. And in all honesty, it feels like you’re just getting started.  With time, you’ve learned to be kind to your body and you want workout attire that looks good but also feels comfortable.  So while you want to look cute at Pilates or that new trampoline class you can’t quite get enough of, you also want to feel comfortable. And when it comes to your jog bra, you’re just too old to put up with straps that dig in or a bra that creeps up and makes your boobs creep out.  You want a sports bra that stands the test of time, just like you.

You’ll feel fully supported in the Bare Necessities Goddess Mid-Impact Wire-Free Sports Bra


Queen Bee

If friends were to describe you, they’d say they can always count on you.  That’s because you know how to get things done and you are always willing to help.  You are your friend’s go-to resource for just about anything from rules on etiquette, to how to handle a family issue, to where to get the best mani/pedi.  And you always know where to get the best chai or which yoga teacher is really all she’s cracked up to be.  You value fashion and trends as much as you value comfort, but ultimately what you care about in your workout wear are clothes that allow you to be the Queen Bee that you are.  So you’d never wear an uncomfortable jog bra nor would you wear one that didn’t flatter your physique.  There’s just too many good choices out there, why settle for something that doesn’t make you feel like a Queen?

You’ll love (and tell your friends about) Brooks’ Dare High-Neck Run Bra.

Let’s keep talking. How about that new Rams logo?

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