10 Completely Romantic Game Day Proposals

game day proposal

When it comes to game day proposals, there are two kinds of people. There are those who think getting proposed to while their favorite team plays, with a huge crowd watching and cheering, is just about the most romantic way to get engaged. And there are those who would rather be ejected from a cannon than have one of the most intimate moments of their life shared with 50,000 fans plus the thousands watching from home.

We fall somewhere in the middle. We’d rather not share a private moment at a public event, but we completely get just how exciting and romantic it can be for couples to get engaged with the help of the team they love.

A game day proposal comes with a lot of pressure. Honestly, what if she says no? And worse yet, what if some drunk guy wearing face paint totally ruins the moment? Thankfully for these couples, their game day proposals went perfectly. Kudos to these guys for orchestrating these romantic game day proposals. And kudos to these ladies for having the composure to remember to say yes.

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This Mavericks Fan’s Game Day Proposal Comes With A Photobomb

We love a Kiss Cam moment as much as the next gal, but a Kiss Cam proposal comes with a whole host of extra stress. What if she says no? What if he drops the ring? Or, as is the case here, what if the guy sitting behind you is as stunned as the bride-to-be and totally steals the spotlight?

Thankfully, she wasn’t distracted by the hilarious reaction of the guy in the background even if we were.

The 49’ers’ DJ Jones’ Lovely Pre-Game Game Day Proposal

It takes a lot of confidence in your relationship to propose on Monday Night Football, but that’s exactly what the 49’ers’ DJ Jones did when proposing to girlfriend Kayla Fannin.

Greg Olsen Accidentally Captures Post-Game Proposal

When the Seahawks’ Greg Olsen was walking back to his hotel after a game, he happened upon this game day proposal. He kindly captured the moment and even offered to send the footage to the groom-to-be later. We’re thinking Greg should get an invitation to the wedding.

A Michigan Fan Proposes During The Game

For Michigan fan Luke Kaesmeyer, asking his girlfriend to marry him with 110,000 fans watching was the perfect way to propose.

An Avalanche Fan Live Tweets Another Fan’s Proposal

A bonus to a stadium proposal is a stranger’s live stream of her saying yes.

A Marlins Fan Stages An Epic Proposal

Marlins fan Marlyn Sanchez was surprised when she was asked to throw the first pitch after singing the National Anthem. But when the catcher came out to hug her, she was taken aback. Turns out the catcher was actually her boyfriend Ralph Cabrera, ring in hand.

First Proposal At The New Stadium

While Justin and Diana might be devoted to two different teams, she’s a Vikings fan and he’s a Packer’s fan, they’re both totally devoted to each other.

The Big Crowd Didn’t Stop This Michigan Fan’s Proposal

In a sea of signs and fans this Michigan fan knew she was the one, though the bride-to-be’s friend shoving her probably helped.

A Fitness Instagrammer Goes For A Big Proposal

For New Zealand-based fitness Instagrammer Josef Rakich, proposing to his girlfriend meant a helicopter ride, a new car and an entirely rented out stadium. That one is tough to beat.

This Penn State Fan Was Ready To Sign Up For A Lifetime Commitment

He’s a Penn State fan. She’s a Michigan fan, but they love each other.

It may be a bit before sports have returned and other lovely couples get to start their road toward the big day by proposing at the big game, but these romantic moments are inspiration and just the thing we needed to see to brighten our day. Now we’re re-thinking our whole stance on private moments being kept private. You?

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